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Benedict XVI, Marcos Gold & Billions & Jesuits

Ferdinand Marcos was elected president of the Philippines in 1965. In 1972 he imposed martial law and seized dictatorial powers. A massive four-day protest known as the People Power Movement forced him from office in 1986 and restored democracy in the Philippines.

Marcos is the biggest thief on earth because the billions he stole from the Philippine treasury surpass all the looted wealth of Hitler, Duvalier, Pinochet, etc. combined. (scroll down and read slowly)

The world's best-known shoe collector, former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos, has opened a museum in which most of the exhibits are her own footwear.

Links: Opus Dei wealth and the John Paul II Vatican billions

The Jesuits & the Vatican & Marcos

The Jesuit General Congregation is the most important meeting the Jesuits can have within each century; they rarely have this meeting except in the election of a new Father General or in extreme matters that affect the entire Society. Therefore this GC35 is also the best time to "see" the truth about the Jesuits and how the negative accusations about them fare in the light of their open-book transparency. I've been receiving emails about the Jesuit Illuminatis and I think it is fair to give them a chance to prove their case – though this website because it is filled with "information" about the late Philippine President Marcos (THE biggest thief on earth, see his wife Imelda's 5,000 shoes here) and how the Jesuits helped him "steal" Philippines wealth to Switzerland and to the Vatican. It took only one Judas to sell his Master to be crucified, therefore it could also have taken only one Jesuit to serve Marcos...

Judas had access and a free pass to the Sanhendrin because he was the financier and banker of Jesus' ministry... so do Jesuits have a free pass around the world because of their "religous immunity" (parallel to diplomatic immunity) through their universities, institutions and charitable organizations.

It is hard to believe this statement considering that many Jesuits were persecuted by Marcos: "I SOMEHOW BELIEVE THAT FORMER PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT FERDINAND E. MARCOS IS A COHORTS OF THE JESUITS. AND THOSE JESUITS FOUGHT MARCOS ARE MERELY DIVERSIONARY TACTICS." (6.0). In fact it is the Jesuits who helped the “people power” succeed in the overthrow of Marcos 20 years martial law regime. At the General Congregation, one of the new 10 Assistants of the new Father General is a Filipino, Fr. Daniel Huang, and this is what he wrote about his election. There is nothing about wealth or money in his soul.

The mere fact that the Jesuits are not “physically close” to the Pope for over 30 years and the fact that the papacy has been controlled by the Opus Dei since John Paul II – prove that the Jesuits are not (or no longer) part of the Vatican wealth……unless they were in the past and the Opus Dei has taken over the role. Opus Dei has harvested the works of the Jesuits such as the Vatican Radio and dismantle what they are incapable of doing such as the Vatican Observatory. The Philippines has the most numbers of Opus Dei members next to Mexico and many sit in President Arroyo's cabinet. I quote below Marcos’ Vatican Trust Arrangements and also quote the Jesuit Vocation Director of Portugal speaking in an interview at the General Congregation today. This Jesuit sounds sincere and genuine in his Jesuit vocation and he does not mention the Vatican, the Pope and material wealth. Perhaps I am one naïve woman with the faith of Mary Magdalene…denying that there is a real Judas Iscariot among the original 12 Apostles who did sell Jesus Christ for 33 pieces of silver…

Da Vinci Code rebuttal to Jesuit Illuminati

Number 1 Da Vinci Code rebuttal to Jesuit Illuminati: If the Pope and the Vatican needed transfers of Marcos billions from the Philippines to the Vatican, it would have been best done through a Bishop or Cardinal as portrayed by an Opus Dei Bishop in the Da Vinci Code. The Pope did not need the Jesuits to do the dirty work for Marcos because the Jesuits are always serving the poor and educating the poor and seeking justice for them to the point of becoming martyrs for them. The new Father General has been living with the poor in the Philippines before his elections. And the former general Fr. Kolvenbach was busy keeping up with the Jesuit apostolates worldwide. Dan Brown would have included a Jesuit in the Da Vinci Code if there was such a thing as Jesuit Illuminati because he did a very extensive research on Vatican wealth and papal powers worldwide.

Like the new Father General said in his first news conference: The Jesuit Black Pope are crumbs from naysayers...and crumbs are not for us...
Dan Brown did not include any crumbs in the Da Vinci Code.

Number 2 Da Vinci Code rebuttal against Jesuit Illuminati: The Jesuits are never intimidated by accusations against them and Jesuit Illuminati and Jesuit Assassins have been around for a long time. Da Vinci Code was out only for a year and when its movie came out, Opus Dei pulled all the stops to fight it worldwide, asking Catholics to boycott the movie and not buy the book. In fact it is in the Forbidden Books Index of the Opus Dei.

Number 3 Da Vinci Code rebuttal against Jesuit Illuminati: The Jesuits have a vow of poverty. They do not have any personal private bank accounts and have renounced all family wealth or inheritance. They have a small weekly allowance that covers basic necessity in case of emergency such as a cab fare in their apostolate. Therefore with their vow of poverty, it would make a Jesuit shudder to be transferring gold and billions for the Pope and Marcos. Therefore the most likely conduit were Bishops and Cardinals who have no vows of poverty and can have unlimited amount in their bank accounts. The Jesuits are unlike the Opus Dei 25,000 celibate members who are millionaires and professional lawyers, bankers, politicians. And most of their supernumerary 60,000 members are also wealthy. The Opsu Dei members would feel very comfortable in handling the wealth of the Pope and the they have been doing for the last quarter of century during John Paul II's with Benedict XVI and...forever, unles God smite them. That is why Dan Brown chose the right antagonists, the Opus Dei in the Da Vinci Code.


The Marcos Gold & Billions transferred to the Vatican Treasury


I profess my faith........ of the Child Jesus

I have a will but I have not ??? the disposition of the precious metals (gold) which I own and in

which in some documents I was a fiduciary as evidenced by the xeros copies of any gold deposits

in the different depositories and banks in the different countries of the world. Some of the original

documents were left behind in Malacanang, Palace, Manila Philippines last February 25, 1986. I

have no way to get back my original documents now. So that the Filipino people will be benefitted

I now would like that a foundation established now so that it could function ??? and as seen my

designated trustees will accept my Trust.

My trustee is the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church (Holy See) with its reigning Pontiff. I am

submitting the pertinent documents to the said trustee and co trustee.

1. Execution & implementation according to the several laws ????

2. Authorization to withdraw the metals.

3. Documents, certification of ownership both original and xerox
copies of which I, Ferdinand E. Marcos is the sole owner
and signatory of said deposits of gold.




Dear Brother Eric :

I humbly and politely wish to give a Shed-Light concerning the whereabouts of Marcos Gold & Billions that I strongly believe with documentary evidence fell into the hands of the JESUITS / VATICAN.

1.0 Rick Martin's interview on Eric Jon Phelps revealed that World War II was orchestrated by the Jesuits. The book entitled "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Jon Phelps is one of the most reliable book about the Jesuits / Vaticans worldwide conspiracies.

2.0 According to Edmund Paris book entitled "The Secret History Of The Jesuits" World War I and World War II was orchestrated by the Jesuits.

3.0 One of the Jesuit's intention for these world wars is to exterminate the heretics, and take possession of every country in the world and their wealth "Extreme Oath Of The Jesuits". It was revealed that many wars and revolutions was finance by the Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve through Council On Foreign Relation.

NEXUS : Project Hammer Reloaded Part 1 & 2 By David Guyatt
VA : Vatican Assassins By Eric Jon Phelps
: Deep Black Lies, Bloodlines And Other Books
[color=blue]My Combined Reliable Sources Where I Do Stand For - Bobby Limeta[/color]

4.0 The famous Marcos Gold are those looted by the Imperial Japan during World War II. As Japan conquered South East Asia and other East Asian Countries including many Islands in the Pacific region.

5.0 The OSS and CIA recovered the riches looted by the Imperial Japan after World War II. Some of U. S. OSS and CIA key personnel are members of the Knights Of Malta (Catholic's secret society).

Citicorp, Chase Manhattan, Bankers Trust, Swiss Banks and other foreign banks are controlled by the Illuminati-Jesuits. Also mentioned names are Rockefellers, Astor, Du Ponts are belong to the 13-Elite Families Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines. Also, mentioned was J. P. Morgan long time associated with the Rothchilds who are also belong to the 13-Elite Families Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines that are controlled by the Illuminati-Jesuits.

Fritz Springmeier is the author of the book entitled "Bloodlines". The Rothschild is the banker of the Papacy.

5.0 Also, mentioned are Roberto Calvi's private bank known as Banco Ambrosiano and Licio Gelli of P2 Lodge of Italy. (This is where Archibishop Paul Marcinkus name was involved in the anomalies. And that when Pope John Paul I had discovered that P2 Lodge within inside Vatican. The John Paul I was poisoned by Cardinal Villot and involvement of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus who is the head of the Vatican Bank). Both Villot & Marcinkus are members of the Masonic P2 Lodge.

6.0 The name [color=red]Baron Arndt Krupp [/color]was also mentioned. The Krupp family was in the number 15 of the Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines. All Illuminati-Satanic Bloodlines was mentioned by Fritz Springmeier the author of the book entitled "Bloodlines"

The rest of the contents of the Project Hammer 1 & 2 about Marcos Gold & Billions are complete for you to read. Where you will read the names [color=red]Santa Romana, Roberto Benedicto and Fabian C. Ver of the Philippines.


Finally, I've prepared 10-Series of Acrobat PDF Files courtesy of DEEP BLACK LIES WITH ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS THAT PERHAPS WILL SHOCK ALL OF YOU.

7.0 [color=red]Archbishop Of Manila, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin received Baron Krupp, kneeling before the Cardinal.[/color] [color=blue]See attached Part 2 of Part 10 Documents in Acrobat PDF File[/color]

8.0 [color=red]The late former president Ferdinand E. Marcos and Vatican Trust where Golds worth of Billions into the care of the Vatican Trust.[/color]

I've now realized Bro. Eric Jon Phelps expose that the Jesuits badly need golds for the re-building of Solomons Temple in Jerusalem for the final Anti-Christ Pope which is also mentioned in the Book Of Revelation (Bible).

Finally, my brethrens and dear trusted friends you may read it all for you to undertsand the entirety of all information I've shared to all of you.

I'm now convinced that the Marcos Gold & Billions can't be traced by any government agencies in the world to determined the whereabouts of the said wealth and also a news blockout. I'm now 42-years old and I haven't heard news implicating that the Vatican or the Jesuits possessed the above mentioned Marcos Gold & Billions. It all fitted to Avro Manhattan's book entitled "VATICAN BILLIONS".

Millions of Filipinos have no idea about Vatican-Marcos Gold & Billions Of Dollars.

Cardinal Sin is pictured in these documents as traitor to the Filipino people. Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino's boss.

[color=red]Lastly, Bro. Eric I will entrusted to you the actual photos of the documents in Acrobat PDF Files in 10 Parts implicating the Marcos Gold & Billions was placed by Marcos before his death (last will - testimony) and I believed in the possessions of the Jesuits-Vatican better know as VATICAN TRUST written by Marcos himself. I now realized that Imelda Marcos doesn't keep Marcos Gold & Billions but rather the Vatican Trust.[/color]

Bro. Eric anything happened to me you know already who are the prime culprit. These knowledge was given to me by GOD many of our political leaders don't knew it and they even snubbed it fearing the extreme power of the JEUSITS-VATICAN. However, I've discovered that one senior senator of our country have a slight idea about the Marcos Gold & Billions in the possession of the VATICAN TRUST. I'll tell you later his name.

For all of my beloved devout Roman Catholic Families - THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCANDALS AND PRE-MEDITATED CRIMES & CONSPIRACIES. Some Catholic words SCANDAL is a mere escape-goat to face the harsh reality of Pre-meditated Crimes & Conspiracies. Why is the Jesuit Order - Vatican -Catholic Church so involve in these cheating, crimes and conspiracies. Instead they should suppose very active to teach the words of GOD as they are religious institution and not as MAFIOSO activities.

Too much verbal discussions will lead to misunderstanding but a photos of original documents will speak for it self that the boxing is finish - [color=blue]AN EYE DOESN'T LIE[/color].

[color=red]My challenge to the catholic hiearchy, after all what you have done to the Philippines now an impoverished nation, will the catholic church admitted publicly with sincere intention and will pay the Filipino people the damages they have inflicted[/color]. The catholic heiarchy is hypocrite, when they damaged people's lives admit it so that people will forgive them.

Sincerely in faith,
Bro. Bobby G. Limeta

More on the Marcos Gold & Billions & the Jesuits here

General Congregation 35 radio interview
February 20, 2008

Vocations:not propaganda but testimony of a happy life

[20/02/2008] There are many topics dealt with at the General Congregation which will not be turned into decrees. The Society wishes to take the pulse of certain aspects of our mission, which will be worked out by a group of experts and later discussed on the main hall of the Congregation.

One of the topics was vocation promotion and about which we spoke with Father Carlos Carneiro the novice master of the Portuguese Province.

Father Carneiro has dealt with the world of vocations during all his life as a Jesuit – “It has been my favorite since I came to the Province,” he said – and pointed out three principal aspects of the Society that are attractive to young people. The first is the friendship among the Jesuits, “Young men are enthused when they realize that this body of friends in the Lord are able to love, dream and live together.” The ability to join together prophecy and profundity also is a demand for those who search today for a place where they can find “something more” in life. Father Carneiro pointed out that it is “to work from a perspective of denunciation, prophecy, novelty and even risk…but at the same time with profundity and quality. Another characteristic important today is to be men of God rooted in the world, willing to love the world “almost as much as God loves it”.

It would help very much in the promotion of vocations, says Carlos, “not to use propaganda, but to give clear testimony of a happy life, not without difficulties.” In so far as to means, he insists, “it is not so much as to try to capture, but to sow,” in a work of accompanying and following up that today is more tan ever absolutely personal and individual. It is also important to recognize that it doesn’t mean only work by a few of the ones in charge, but a dimension that should involve the entire body of the Society. It would be a big help to promotion if every one of us would assume co-responsibility.

Vocation work supposes a continual reformulation of the essence of our being Jesuits. For Father Carneiro it involves a nonnegotiable love of Jesus, complemented by a chastity capable of being lived with people, a poverty that leads to simplicity, and an obedience that permits you to live with freedom. Our charism, says Carlos is to be in the frontiers in a qualified manner and to be universal “not only by being in many places, but principally by having an open mind with our heart in God.”

Indigenous People and Communications

The morning is time for the presentation and debate about Indigenous People. During the afternoon the congregation will address the topic on Communications and Internet.



At Sunday, April 05, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bishop Bactol is well connected with the Marcos Family. Some of the missing wealth has gone to the Diocese of Naval and formerly poor Bishop, who now is a millionare!

At Thursday, August 19, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not true, VATICAN assist Ferdinand Marcos to let his stashed wealth for the Filipino People and it's already in the hand of Anthony Santiago Martin with codename: Spiritual Wonder Boy


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